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The Pultruded GRP Profile is a composite material with two main elements::

Mechanical reinforcement: Fiber
Polymer-matrix: Resin

The combination between fiber and resin result in a product with better properties than its individual components on their own.

Additives to improve some of the specific properties can be used.


The most commonly used resins in the pultrusion process are unsaturated polyesters, due to their mechanical properties, cost and easy curing. Also used but in a lower proportion are vinyl ester, epoxy, phenol formaldehyde and acrylic resins.
It is important to carry out an appropriate selection of the matrix and an exact formulation for each application. These two aspects will define the profile’s properties in relation to resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, thermal conductivity and fireproofing.

Mechanical reinforcement.

The amount of glass fiber, glass type and its disposition and orientation will determine the profile’s mechanical properties. For example, in a structural GRP profile, Tecnipul will combine different types of thread and tissue in order to reach specific longitudinal and transverse profile requirements.

Main characteristics of glass fiber:

- Mechanical resistance (resistance to traction/ density) greater than steel.
- Thermal, electric and acoustic insulation
- Electromagnetic waves permeability
- Acid resistant
- High temperature resistance

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