TECNIPUL was born from the formulated bet by TADIPOL (the parent company of the group) for the development of the new technologies destined for the automated production of pultruded profiles of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP).

The pultrution allows to obtain profiles with a structural resistance equivalent to a metallic profile, incorporating besides other additional advantages, as the high environmental corrosion resistance (even in acid or saline atmospheres), the absence of maintenance and weight 4 times lower than that of a metallic profile.

This method of manufacture offers the possibility to obtain series of profiles with the shape and colour whished, besides of one excellent superficial finished. It means that there are a wide range of possibilities of new applications and designs in various fields.


GRP Ladders

GRP Ladders
Vertical Ladder with GRP Pillar. Rainwater collection and storage system of 800.000 m3.


Pultruded Custom Client Profile. Interior GRP Profiles of Irizar Bus.

GRP profiles

GRP Plank
Pultruded profiles of fiberglass reinforced polyester.