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The usage of GRP profiles provides excellent light weight, duration and safety, compared to traditional materials.

The evolution of the transport industry has always run parallel to the usage of newer and improved materials. The main advantage of materials made of GRP are:

- Light weight
- Excellent mechanical properties
- Rustproof properties
- Fireproof properties
- Thermal, electric and acoustic insulation

The pultrusion process can provide solutions for outdoors and indoors use.

Railway & Coach Sector
      upper fairings, panels under the windows, covering panels.
Interior fittings:
      TAll types of solutions with good surface finish: roof strip, covers, side traps, air ducts, lateral panels, floors, etc.

Trucks and Trailers Sector
Side panels, structural elements, edges on lorry box bodies, GRP corner profiles, GRP angular profiles, GRP U-channels profiles, Z-profiles, GRP sockets, etc.
The excellent insulating properties of the material makes it especially suitable for refrigerated trucks.

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