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GRP rebars and stirrups

TECNIPUL and TADIPOL, together with the construction company Vialobra, have developed a manufacturing system for GRP rebars and frames for concrete reinforcement.

 The rebars supplied by RTHp, a trade company  resulting from the collaboration between Tadipol, Tecnipul and Vialobra, are certified by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, through the issue of the TAD (Technical approvals Document), required by the Technical Code of the Edification.
This manufacturing process is protected by a patent in the Spanish market.
GRP rebars productions are a continuous process by the pultrusion system, and quartz sand is subsequently incorporated on its outer perimeter to improve its adhesion with concrete. The frames production is a continuous process, which allows manufacturing an infinite number of shapes, depending on the needs of the client.
The main advantages of GRP reinforcements compared with steel ones are transparency to electromagnetic waves and resistance to corrosion. These characteristics make our reinforcements especially suitable for port areas in contact with seawater, and for railway or tramway structures.

Available diameters :

  • Ø8mm
  • Ø10mm
  • Ø12mm
  • Ø14mm
  • Ø16mm
  • Ø20mm
  • Ø25mm
  • Ø32mm

The Granada Tram, the Punta Langosteira Dock shelter (A Coruña), the Recrecido del Espaldón the Southwest Escombreras Dock (Cartagena), the Vitoria Tram, Line 10 of the Valencian metro, are some of the projects in which we have collaborated.

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TECNIPUL SL is engaged to the manufacture of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) profiles using the pultrusion method, both of our own design and of our customer’s one.

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