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The Tadipol-Tecnipul group is specialized in the design, profiles manufacture and on-site installation of fiber glass reinforced polyester (GRP) structures. Some of the most usual applications carried out in this field are access walkways to tanks and treatment plants, ladders or staircases, booths, enclosures, roofs, pedestrian bridges, submerged deflection screens, maritime marshes, roughing bars, fences, supports for blocks of slats, and several large fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) infrastructures.
The excellent corrosion resistance that this material has, makes it the most suitable for installations in wet, saline or corrosive environments, such as urban WWTPs and ETAPS, desalination plants, pumping wells, supply tanks to populations, swamps, promenades , chemical plants, etc.
The main advantages offered by fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) profiles over conventional materials are:

Custom GRP structures
Excellent relationship between structural resistance and lightweight, which allows much faster and simpler machining and assembly. Corrosion resistance and consequently maintenance free. Excellent dielectric insulators (preventing the risk of electric shock) and do not generate interference in electromagnetic waves (radar, radio, or TV signal amplification stations, etc.).
We have a wide range of structural profiles and we also offer the possibility of building new tools adapted to the morphology required by each application. Even we offer the possibility of producing special series using resins with high chemical resistance or with fireproof properties.

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TECNIPUL SL is engaged to the manufacture of Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) profiles using the pultrusion method, both of our own design and of our customer’s one.

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